“Salud, amor, dinero…y tiempo para disfrutarlos.” 

This celebratory toast is at the heart of what many Latinos hold nearest and dearest: health, family and moving up in the world.

And this simple brindis is the inspiration for Vida Saludable, the American Heart Association’s newest bilingual online resource to help Latino families get healthy and stay healthy together.

Chispa Digital was contracted by the American Heart Association several months before the Vida Saludable website and its corresponding social communities were launched.  The task at hand was to put a bilingual content and social engagement strategy in place that would make heart-health promotion both culturally and linguistically relevant to a Hispanic online audience. 


From the get-go, we know that merely telling people how to live, when to exercise and what to eat wasn’t going to work. First of all, nobody is in a position to tell someone else how to live.  We weren’t about to presume to know what circumstances might inhibit one from pursuing a healthy lifestyle.  Secondly, the health conversation is already over-crowded.  Every brand, blogger and health “expert” seems to have something to say on the subject.  We needed to distinguish ourselves from the pack. In order to establish the AHA’s authority in heart health, we needed to frame the conversation around what Latinos value most – familia. 

Latino men and women bend over backwards for their families – especially those who left their native countries to secure a more promising future for their loved ones. But sadly, health takes a back seat to working hard and taking care of one’s own.  That’s why we decided to make our conversation all about getting healthy and staying health together as a family.  And we attribute much of our initial success to the fact that our messaging plays into the strong family ties that Latinos share.

A little more than one month after the launch of Vida Saludable, we’re very pleased with how things are developing.  We’ve ascertained that there is a market that demands culturally and practically relevant content and social media continues to be at the center of this content strategy. 

What we’ve learned working with the AHA can be applied to all industry verticals.  It all comes down to really knowing your audience.  Whether your building your own brand, or working with clients to build theirs, you have to ask yourself what unique challenges do you address and what emotional connection are you seeking to establish.  If you take the time to truly understand your audience, you can determine what your audience values most and you can frame the conversation accordingly.  

AuthorZach Fishbain