A familiar saying that I’ve heard a lot is “If it doesn’t make dollars, it doesn’t make sense.”  After all, it’s only responsible and prudent for a company to justify any marketing investment.   But what about for non-profit organizations?  Perhaps fundraising is reason enough to take social media seriously.  But how else might a nonprofit benefit from social media marketing?

Nonprofits are not created by accident.  They are built by entrepreneurs and dedicated supporters who are committed to solving a problem.  And what better way is there to take on any challenge with dozens, hundreds, or thousands of people behind you?  Disseminating knowledge, mobilizing volunteer task forces and targeting new beneficiaries is just the beginning.  I invite you to check out this blog that I recently stumbled upon that showcases two nonprofits that have successfully employed social media to further their causes. 

Social media is a tool that when used deftly, will serve its purpose.  And if you are a proud nonprofiteer, think long and hard about if you’re optimizing the potential of social media.  Your beneficiaries certainly hope you are.  

AuthorZach Fishbain