This part of the site is where you will be able to keep abreast of company developments and trending topics in the world of Hispanic Social Media.

If you don’t know already, “Chispa” means “spark” in Spanish.  We created Chispa Digital to enable brands to spark the conversation with Hispanics online.  A company doesn't have to be overly perceptive to recognize that we live in a bilingual country and that the growing and ever-influential Hispanic population presents all kinds of business opportunities.  However, smarter companies will understand that they must be proactive and tactful in engaging Hispanics because mindshare and market share within this population will depend on it.   

Sure, we see the commercials and the banner ads in Spanish.  We hear the radio ads.  But too often, the follow up doesn't exist.  Too often, companies fail to seize the opportunity to interact with the same people these impressions are made on.  And that’s why we’re here - to work with companies that are ready to create a dialogue in a cultural and linguistic context that Hispanics understand and are comfortable with. 

We’re lucky to live in such a diverse and multicultural country with so many opportunities that abound.  It’s time to take advantage of them. 

Thank you for paying our page a visit.  We do appreciate it and we look forward to sharing more in the weeks, months and years to come.  Please contact us with any questions or comments.  Saludos.  

AuthorZach Fishbain