When my wife (a health blogger) and I got married, it seemed only natural for our wedding to have a heavy social media component. We even made sure to change our relationship status in front of all our guests using some tablets provided by the efficient. After all, nothing is really official until it’s on Facebook.

And while we had a photographer at the wedding, it was impossible for her to capture every perspective, every experience and every story unfolding at the wedding. And that’s why we let all our guests know to share any photos of the wedding using a hashtag unique to our wedding. All this user-generated content gave us a digital wedding album that everyone could see. 

The reason why I wanted to share this story is because it’s a model that any company can replicate when throwing an event. By integrating social media into the mix, you’re creating real-time buzz.  And if done mindfully it can play perfectly into the narrative you’re trying to share with your online audience.  Here are two ideas you can use in your next event:

1) Let everyone know about a unique hashtag they should use when they share their photos on Instagram.  Whether it’s a movie premier, a fundraising event or a wedding, get everyone involved and enable them to help tell your story.

2) Set up a photo-booth full of props and costumes that people can fun with and have your hired photographer snap away.  You can even set up the photo booth where people can take pictures of themselves. By making certain photos exclusive to fans, you’re creating more of an incentive for new fans and followers to like your page and tag themselves and friends in photos.  This tactic is called a “fan-gate.”

If a picture is worth a thousand words, you’ll have an entire library’s worth of content by the end of your event.  Have fun with the narrative you’re sharing and let others help you tell it.

Oh yeah, if you want to check out our wedding photos on Instagram, just search for #LovelyPalooza 

AuthorZach Fishbain