Every four years, I watch presidential hopefuls struggle with Latino issues. While it’s concerning that so many millions of people in this country continue to be misunderstood, the eternal optimist inside of me sees a silver lining: watching candidates miss the mark allows organizations and business leaders to learn from these candidates’ mistakes.

As a multicultural marketing consultant, I like to encourage clients to take advantage of the campaign season by "recalibrating" their cultural filter. After all, this filter is the lens through which engagement will be interpreted. If you’re not seeing the world through this lens, then establishing authentic dialogue with Latinos will continue to be a pipe dream.

So, what could you be doing to “recalibrate?”

  • Organize a working lunch so that Latino colleagues and coworkers can share their varying views. Encourage everyone at this lunch to ask questions and share insight.
  • Follow more Latino bloggers.
  • Observe (or participate in) real-time conversations taking place on Twitter.
  • Tune-in to more radio programs produced by Latinos. 

Intelligent companies see the rise of Hispanic influence in this country as an opportunity. Intelligent marketers take advantage of these opportunities.

AuthorZach Fishbain