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Strategic Consulting

Companies may know that their marketing efforts should reflect the diversity of their target audience, but they don't necessarily know how to or where to start. Whether it's creating a business plan, putting on a workshop or aligning a brand with influential ambassadors, we can help.

Social Media Community Management

Social media is where most of us are spending our time online. By creating and tailoring shareable content, we can create authentic and meaningful dialogue with a brand's followers.   


Blogging provides your followers with advocacy and insight that establishes your brand as an authoritative source of knowledge.  Aside from building your brand’s credibility, your blog will reflect your company’s personality.  We can help you write your blogs along with aligning your brand with other bloggers and key online influencers.

Video Production 

Video content may potentially end up being the most integral component of your multicultural marketing strategy. We’ll produce video clips, customer testimonials, and other types of premium video content that will be shared across all your social networks.


Aside from creating original content in any desired language, we also translate any source documents or editorial copy into the language of your choice. Our rates are competitive and our turnaround time is fast.


We have a very strong team of prolific writers. We can create content for any purpose (articles, public service announcements, website page).